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  2. Hallo am Charles... I bought second hand zoundacoustic speakers that needs remote control to function.. The model name is zoundacoustic ZA5...here is my email if anything tranding. charlesphula@gmail.com and iam in blues downs ..Capetown
  3. Subnautica

    Subnautica is now complete and it launched out of early access yesterday. Check out the cinematic and launch gameplay trailers below, then grab a copy of the game here for 10% off if you have not already done so.
  4. Funny Videos (Part 2)

  5. Mecer USB to Serial driver

    Here is the direct link to the Mecer driver: http://ftp.mustek.co.za/list.php?dir=Repository%2FPeripheral%2FUSB+Devices%2FAP1103%2F
  6. Recommend me a Dentist

    I am looking for a new dentist I stay in Heldekruin Roodepoort so looking in this area I am on key care on discovery
  7. Hi there I need some advice on the following. Here is my current setup at home. I have an Explora as my main decoder and I also have extra view connect with HD decoder. My HD decoder has two cables connecting it ( heartbeat cable ) Here my question. I now have another Explora I want to replace the HD decoder with the another Explora. 1. Is this possible without getting an installer? 2. Also, I was reading that I need to change the setting of frequency and index what will these setting be? 3. Do I need a DStv switch as well?
  8. Uno fiat fire

    Hi everyone I have a 1995 uno fire 1100 and I ran out of petrol 2 days back. Now the car runs on LRP and the garage that i got stuck at only had unleaded petrol so i had to trough that in just to make it home. So almost instantly the car wasn't driving as it should and it was jerking a lot almost as if I was about to ran out of petrol again but at least I got home. Yesterday morning before I could reach a garage that sell LRP the car just died and white smoke came from the carberator like it was choking so eventually I reached the petrol station and put in R250 of LRP hoping that it would dilute the unleaded enough for the car to operate as it should but now today it is still doing the same thing and would just like to know what can I do to stop this and have the operate properly to drive should I fill up the tank with more LRP petrol or put some valve eas in? PLEAS HELP!
  9. Posting is fixed

  10. 96 Degrees

  11. 96 Degrees

    Found the whole CD on Youtube ... Enjoy
  12. Car tracking

    Hi, just checking I've got a cell number for a person, make and color of vehicle, is there a way of tracing a car with just this info? It's not a lot to go on but desperate. I'm needing an address, and possibly an i.d. number, but if i can get the one or the other ill be a step further.
  13. I am in need of help searching for an owner of a vehicle. Can anybody assist? he caused an accident by speeding and driving reckless but only sustained damage to the car he was driving and drove away i believe he is a driver for a company i have only the registration number would like to know how can i track the owner or company that owes this car by only the registration number registration number - DS 68 XW GP ch01_20170925190051.avi
  14. Posting is fixed

    Appears to be working.
  15. Posting is fixed

    I think. Not that people post much here anymore anyway.
  16. Funny Videos (Part 2)

  17. Funny Videos (Part 2)

  18. Funny Videos (Part 2)

  19. Network Monitor?

    So we have a odd problem at a client where the network to some PC just disconnects from time to time. Timing is random as far as we can see and inconsistent. We ran a stupid ping test and out of 15000 pings less than 0.01% didn't go through but the RDP connections dropped multiple times in that time. We have replaced the wireless access point, the switch that access point connects to, the switch in the server room that switch connects to, tried different network card on server, tried putting wireless pc on cable the only thing we have not done is replace the main up-link between the two switches (but that is going to be a bitch to do so we would like that to be a last resort. We did put a cable tester on the cable and it tested fine. Is there any tools, software, ideas you guys have as to how we can determine where the drops occur? Cause i'm fresh out of ideas. We have made sure the server is completely up to date with updates from MS, all drivers are updated. We even brought the server to the office at one point and at our offices we didn't have any issues. After that we reset the network setting, did a ipstack reset, etc.Sometime after that the problem just stopped nobody complained about dropped connections anymore and all of a sudden this week it seems to be slowly starting again. Al the PC's run avg and are scanned daily (company has a meeting for all employees daily and during that time we run a avg scan on all pc's, servers are scanned at night) all scan reports are clean. Thanx for the TIme
  20. Two factor authentication

    Cool to see this still being updated, thanks aCe !
  21. Two factor authentication

    A new feature of the board software, with the last update that I did, includes two factor authentication. Should you wish to switch it on you can do so via your account settings (drop down menu at the top right). Clicking this link might work as well, http://www.systemshock.co.za/forums/settings/account-security/
  22. Thorp Plumstead - Bad Service

    Thorp Plumstead is the WORST dealership! This is just a friendly warning to those who might intend on buying a car from the DONT DO IT! It's a long complicated story.... Save yourself the agony and choose another dealership!!
  23. Software updated

    Software has been updated to the latest major version.
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