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Junk Pile

Got something to sell or looking for something to buy? This is the place to find it.

The Rules

The Junk Pile is a free service that we offer to our loyal members. Being allowed to advertise your products in this forum is a privilege and not a right. Abuse of this privilege will result in action being taken against an account which may include suspensions or a permanent forum wide ban.


  1. There are to be no arguments in regards to pricing of goods. The seller will advertise his price once and the rest of the negotiations must take place via the PM system. There are to be no attempts to under-cut / rip off the sellee or buyee. These practices will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly.
  2. Please make use of the relevant sub-forums. Place items for sale under the For Sale Forum and Items Wanted under the Wanted Forum etc...
  3. This is not a porn site. Any member attempting to advertise/sell/post/buy porn on this site will be banned immediatly.
  4. You may not sell items on behalf of somebody else. This service is available to members of this site only. Threads advertising goods for friends will be deleted and accounts may, at the sole discretion of the admins, be suspended.
  5. The reselling of Microsoft OEM licenses is not allowed. Please read the Understanding Microsoft OEM Licensing topic for more information.


  6. Violations of any of the Junk Pile rules may result in account suspensions or the offending account being terminated.

  • Item being sold:
  • Location:
  • Who will handle shipping costs:
  • Selling price:
  • Reason for selling:
  • How old is the product:
  • [*]
Bumping of threads may happen once (1) every three (3) days. Bumping more frequently may result in offenders accounts being warned.

  1. The Junk Pile is for selling of second hand goods only!
  2. Dealers who wish to sell their goods may do so after purchasing one of our Dealer Subscription Packages.
  3. Members will need to have made 20 posts before they can create a new topic in the Junk Pile. Members who "spam" their way to 20 posts in order to circumvent this restriction will have their posts deleted and their accounts suspended for a period of 7 days.



  4. SystemShock, its staff or its owners cannot be held liable for any deals that don't go through as a result of buyer or seller problems.
  5. Please note that we reserve the right to change the rules at any given time.

    1. Keep posts in the junk pile to offers for goods being sold or requests for goods wanted ie: no commenting on price/quality or such.
    2. Please have the courtesy to update your thread and state whether or not the item(s) have been sold.
    3. When selling your item(s) please try to include the following information:


      Rules last updated: 23 January 2009


  1. For Sale

    If you're selling something please use this forum. (Second hand Goods only!)

  2. Wanted

    If you're looking to buy something please use this forum.

  3. Trade

    Want to trade something you have for something else? Please post your requests in here.