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    Ok I've had it with ALL of your crappy comments!! Firstly YOU ALL MISUNDERSTOOD HIS FIRST COMMENT and jumped to conclusions about what he believes. Perhaps if you knew him like me or wicked you would understand it was a comment about an idiots thoughts before killing a few people. Like n3cr0 said: How dare you presume that Bucc would have had an issue with n3cr0's post, creating a debate? Getting people pissed off so they might actually do something? BTW Monty13 why don't you send that stupid link of yours to the bus driver who KILLED BUCC (the guy who started Think Bike) perhaps cleaning up some glass will stop him from doing Illegal U turns!! OR if you like I can start handing it out to the people I provide support to when I go there to help clean up the mess after someone has been killed on a bike by some doos that doesn't know how to look in his goddam mirrors! You ask wtf it helped with n3cr0 being out at 5 am let me tell you.. he went out to create AWARENESS and stand on a bridge with Think Bike Banners and speak to the drivers that came past about road safety... He could have said stuff it, I'll sleep in like the rest of SA but he didn't. Ace you have never pissed me off but today you have, his signature is based on his love for riding a motor bike THAT IS RACES ONLY ON THE TRACK! Perhaps my previous post did not get any of your attention SO GO READ IT AGAIN. and Driver you have a problem with Think Bike Marketing why don't you get off your arse and HELP. I am sick to death of people and their shit attitudes towards think bike, the people who are out there doing and trying instead of hiding behind a keyboard JUDGING! People who do this in their OWN TIME, FOR FREE!!! How many people have you cleaned off the road lately? how many crosses have you put up, how many friends, mothers, wifes, husbands have you helped lately... Maybe ask n3cr0 how many he has done THEN JUDGE! You were all to busy trying to find something to tear apart in his second post to actually see what he is saying and why he added his first comment. So go read it and maybe one of you will realise that you too can do something to stop the death on our roads. If not, de rep me as much as you like, because I KNOW this man better than anyone and his contributions out weigh any of yours on this forum. Perhaps you feel his approach to getting people off their arses to do things are wrong, but hell if you could throw the amount of passion you have for his post by speaking to one person a day then he has done what he set out to do. and ANY life saved is worth it!
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    Well, I can't seem to play with my current ping, it went from 97 to 600 or so. Anyway, look here for some customizable sigs for BBC2, pretty sweet.
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    Tell me about it. ThinkBike marketing stinks like burnt rubber. Perhaps necro could explain his first post - it was a direct contradiction to the values and beliefs of ThinkBike. Or have I got it wrong, and given his active involvement in ThinkBike campaigns, he was expressing the views of the organisation? END!
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    Congrats and enjoy the radical change of life. I have 3 kids already and as soon as I find out what's causing them, I'm going to put a stop it!
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    Stupid fuck ... join a club! I've participated in 3 track days last year (2 at Kyalami and 1 at Zwartkops) ... all of them organised via seat-sport.co.za ... none of them cost me a single cent to enter ... stop talking through your arse or maybe get yourself a decent car?
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    Zombieland is really good, but you can't just go around comparing it to Shaun of the dead. Chalk and Cheese, lady...
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    Untill the gov stop their exorbitant taxing of racetracks and the price of track days come down, i will race on the streets.