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  1. Software updated

    Still around, but the place got awfully quiet of late, which is a pity as I do not frequent social media due to the proliferation of ads and meaningful / original content.
  2. Software Development Tools?

    Xamarin isnt a bad choice to use as it allows people with existing coding skills of targeting mutiple non-native platforms. Just keep in mind in order to deploy to iOS you will need a physical Mac / Apple device and in addition to that also keep in mind that in order to get your apps in the app stores you will have some hoops to jump. The VS Community Edition is also not a bad choice as it does help with coding the middleware in a variety of different flavors, that is in addition to the ability to do the web stuff too (I have not personally used the community edition, I use a different version). Language recommendation would be to stick to C# as this is close enough to the java-based languages in syntax, allowing you to focus on learning the stack that you are working with instead of treading around "hello world" examples.
  3. Media Server & Software

    Hi, thanks, will give that one a shot later, I have some DVDs to redo as I picked the wrong audio channel, so I will have them to compare.
  4. So that time has come to do this proper, the reason being is that I want to share my current media with multiple devices. I have a machine running already, based on Windows 7 (legal) & Emby (legal). I now want to start ripping my DVD / CD content to this machine also. I had a look at DVDFab which appears to work nicely enough as it skips the DRM on the Disney / Nickleodeon content (Handbrake did not). The Media "server" (PC) is going to get an upgrade soon as I am happy with how it works and how convenient it is to have my content available. Now the question is, do I look elsewhere for software? As above I will purchase as in some cases paid packages offer more versatility than freeware, and I want to rip the content that I own, DVD's as well as CDs. Any suggestions otherwise would also be welcome. Note: Current: i5 Lynnfield, 4GB RAM, 1x500GB, 2x1TB To Be: i7 Sandy Bridge, 16GB RAM, 2x1TB, 2x2TB
  5. Rock Climbing

    So there is hope for me yet. Had a 2 week layoff myself, so just getting back on the horse now. Once the newyears resolution people have left gym (i.e. Feb) I will get my ass to a personal trainer so we can work on my strength a bit more.
  6. Hi, my name is Stereo Mike...

    Oh yes I am also sick of the "new ways" with the constant unoriginal rhetoric that gets thrown in my face every time (read: every few weeks) I open that other site. We had some fun times, especially those shoutbox sessions and the many arguments we caused. It is also hard to imagine the contribution something like the forums have to your thought process and world views once you start actively engaging.
  7. GTX1080

    Stuck in the same boat man. Was in the market for a new screen recently and didn't buy one due to the fact that my rig is not capable of gaming at 4K (running a 970 on a 2600K @ 4.2 GHz). I am also not 100% sure when I will upgrade as we don't know yet when Kaby Lake is launching and at what price (R / $ ownage).
  8. Rock Climbing

    Joh. How many pull-ups can you do back-to-back? I am asking because I am struggling with these. I top out at about 32 but this is at the end of my workout, so not sure what my max is. By this time everything has a nice continuous burn.
  9. Rock Climbing

    Nope. I would like to know what you did for strength training though. Something like this takes a fair amount of power / weight, which you would not normally get.
  10. The Grand Tour

    Its is a pity as this will lead to more piracy of the show. Last 3 series of Top Gear I watched on TV as apposed to the previous seasons (I do still watch reruns).
  11. The Grand Tour

    From the DSTV forum it looks like it will not be shown on DSTV as of yet. Which is really silly, as you would think that Amazon would know that Top Gear's syndication made it more popular & pirated less. I hope it come to TV soon, as it does look like I would like to watch it.
  12. What smartphone would you go for right now?

    The eyewatering price would put me off completely. Apart from that, it is Apple, you know it will last if you take care of it.
  13. Tomb Raider (2018)

    Maybe get a British actress to play a British character? Also: eye candy over a more physical actor might not go down well with the SJW crowd.
  14. Star Citizen

    I have given up hope that this game will ever launch. Also: not buying a 10-core i7 and a few 1080's just to play one game.
  15. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

    Watched the trailer yesterday. I boarded the hype train.