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  1. We handed a Samsung S6 EDGE phone in for repairs at MTN LAMBTON on 19th of November(way within the first 6 months of the contract) and received it back still faulty end of November. George at the store assured me that he will send it back immediately. I followed up the 15th of December and he stated that the phone was not collected as yet. I then insisted that the phone be replaced and he confirmed that he would arrange it. We arrived back on the 5th of January and went to the store to collect the "NEW" phone and was told that the pone is still in for assessment before it could be replace. I then got hold of the MTN repair center just to hear that the phone is not with them. I just found that he only sent the phone back to the repair center on the 7th of January, thus bluntly lying to me telling me that the phone was sent in, while the pone was still with him at the store.