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  1. Uno fiat fire

    Hi everyone I have a 1995 uno fire 1100 and I ran out of petrol 2 days back. Now the car runs on LRP and the garage that i got stuck at only had unleaded petrol so i had to trough that in just to make it home. So almost instantly the car wasn't driving as it should and it was jerking a lot almost as if I was about to ran out of petrol again but at least I got home. Yesterday morning before I could reach a garage that sell LRP the car just died and white smoke came from the carberator like it was choking so eventually I reached the petrol station and put in R250 of LRP hoping that it would dilute the unleaded enough for the car to operate as it should but now today it is still doing the same thing and would just like to know what can I do to stop this and have the operate properly to drive should I fill up the tank with more LRP petrol or put some valve eas in? PLEAS HELP!