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  1. What song are you listening to at the moment?

    if you are into house music .... check this one out
  2. Banks Your Views?

    this ..... they are all crap im with Standard and their service is truly like "shit gone bad for a month"
  3. 3rd Party Billing via MTN Bill.

    this is the exact reason why i gave up on cellphone contracts - the crap that happens to contract holders is astonishing and none of this nonsense is allowed to happen to "pay-as-you-go" customers ...... pardon my French but fuck all the cellphone companies and their contracts ..... they can stick their contracts right up where the sun dont shine ..... i dont need their handsets for all the crap that they do to you because they gave you the handset
  4. Latest Spend Thread

    still way too expensive for a set of headphones and an amp for most ordinary mortals yet it is probably chump change for the target market ie there are individuals out there who will still buy Magico Ultimate speakers that cost US $1.2 million .... for those guys this will probably be around par for the course as a headphone setup still though personally i wouldnt spend more than around R15k to R20k for my ultimate headphone setup ie a set of HD800s and a relevant portable headamp like a ifi iDSD micro - that combo would already be overkill anyway BTW check this out .... knowing beats headphones this probably sounds like "pooh gone bad for a month" but it cost US $1 million anyway because of the diamonds on them http://gizmodo.com/5888593/lil-wayne-wearing-diamond-studded-beats-by-dre-headphones-is-everything-wrong-with-rapper-headphones
  5. Latest Spend Thread

    nope - that 50 thousand euro is around 55 thousand dollars .... so thats over 760 thousand rand .... they would never make it that cheap ..... after wholesale pricing theres still shipping and handling plus middleman fees and then wholesale margins and then retail margins ..... expect it to be closer to 1 bar here its not R100,000 .... ie look at XE currency for exchange rate values on 50 thousand euros
  6. whoa hand me that pile of huge rocks (im not gonna use pebbles to stone you)
  7. Latest Spend Thread

    yep .... it never ends
  8. Latest Spend Thread

    i have one DSD128 file and thats 780MB in size .... so i shudder to think of downloading DSD512 files with our capped internet in SA the ifi nano is a great device too ..... very similar to my uDSD in most aspects and if it performs similarly then you will be very happy @ vdL - in respect of DSD512 - heres some info on higher order DSD http://bitperfectsound.com/?p=392
  9. Latest Spend Thread

    LOL .... if you are used to a certain quality level then you want the same quality level when you are on the move ..... though to be honest for the collective amount spent on those headphones alone you could get an awesome set of audiophile home speakers but it is an enviable collection of audiophile grade equipment i mean look at this article : http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/all-reviews/hi-fi-reviews/the-hifi-man-he-1000-headphone-review-worlds-best/ $3000 for the headphones and $5000 for the ALO studio 6 headphone amp and neither of those are considered the best in the world in their respective categories .... so IMHO insect has a perfectly reasonable collection if he is into head-fi
  10. Latest Spend Thread

    well R12k from what i know is lower than the current dealer wholesale cost - so the guys you got it from made no profits unless it was WAY older stock that they had left over from when it was cheaper to import .... still its an excellent pair of headphones so congrats on the buy .... it is definitely the best set of headphones i have ever heard up to now i am a fan of Cambridge Audio and i even use their speakers BUT the Dacmagic 100 is not something i would buy because its using Wolfson Dac chips which are apparently a bit brighter than most other Delta-Sigma DAC chips .... so they are fine if you have a duller set of speakers or headphones ..... so between those two i would personally lean more to the ifi ..... in fact when i know someone going overseas i am going ot ask them to bring me back a iDSD micro since that seems to be the ultimate portable DAC around (some insane specs on that thing) the Cambridge audio DAC that i would be drooling over is the Azur 851n streamer but thats substantially more expensive but its using dual differential Analog Device AD1955 DAC chips but it costs around 5 times more than a Dacmagic 100 - add in the BT100 for APTX streaming and it then becomes an ultimate network streaming and DAC device for any purpose (including high end audio) http://www.ultrasound.co.za/cambridge-audio-azur-851n-flagship-network-player?gclid=CjwKEAjw7aiwBRCPgdu70arX70wSJADK6iDDFRFXR44Ul1YTABMzs3vEDVZm7ttIAyFzofcQ7Iw1LhoCxmrw_wcB
  11. Latest Spend Thread

    the tubemagic is nice because it is also effectively an analog pre-amp as well since it has a single analog input - but its limitation is that it can only work as a fixed component and it requires external power .... whereas something like the nuprime or ifi does not need external power and it can be carried with you for music on the move ie it makes your portable devices into great high quality music players too .... so your choice would depend on the primary intended usage for the device the other thing is that it uses a cirrus logic cs4398 DAC which i am not 100% enlightened about, while the D2 uses a Analog Devices AD1955 which is apparently the best of the delta-sigma converters BUT the D2 only does 24/96 while the D1 plus is up to 24/192 capable .... now one of the reasons why i consider the uDSD a bit more futureproof is that the DAC chip it uses (ESS Sabre 9010k2m) is 32bit/384khz capable so you are covered for future formats too .... if im not mistaken the ifi iDSD uses a Burr Brown DAC ..... heres some info on that ifi iDSD micro (the model higher in the range than the nano) .... the specs are formidable ie PCM768 which eclipses the PCM384 of the uDSD and it is also DSD512 capable while the DSD seems to manage DSD256 ..... so if you intend to be ready for many future formats then i think that the iDSD micro is the way to go ..... if you can get one ie it isnt easily obtainable here in South Africa .... if i could get one i would have considered it, but its is way more expensive than the uDSD (and event he iDSD nano) ..... heres a link with more info on the iDSD which explains how the DAC works ie anything above the top 6 bits is converted like a multibit DAC would do it while anything below the top 6 bits would be done as a sigma delta would do it .... so its a hybrid type of method - the delta-sigma DACs are claimed to suffer from a bit of digital glare and are seemingly not as lifelike as the multibit and ladder type DACs so for critical listening purposes you want the multibit type because it is arguably better sounding and closer to lifelike sound http://headmania.org/2015/02/07/ifi-idsd-micro-review/ personally i dont see anything much wrong with delta-sigma DACs for headphone usage and maybe in the long run i would like a multibit DAC or a dual differential pair of Analog Device AD1955 because the AD1955 is the least digital sounding of the Delta-Sigma type DACs ... thats where something like a tubemagic D2 could work well as a fixed component all the technical aspects notwithstanding the NuPrime uDSD to me is the best R3k one could spend for music on the move IMHO while it is excellent as a standalone fixed DAC as well (which i also use it for) and maybe some fixed DACs would be better at that particular job but they would cost a helluva lot more than the uDSD .... which is why for me the uDSD is the single best usage of R3k i have ever made and i would recommend that all music lovers should consider getting one because they could convert your laptops/phones/tablets into a comparatively high end music making device (yes there are probably a few better devices out there but these are mostly not available in SA .... so if you live where you can get those other devices then you are lucky and you can make your choice based on technical research) .... as it stands though in SA the best portable device locally available is the uDSD
  12. Latest Spend Thread

    NuPrime uDSD heres mine connected to a tablet and headphones and then connected to my microserver via USB and then to the hi-fi amplifier/AVR via RCA interconnects its a far better solution than just a headphone amp which will only make the analog output louder but which cannot really do much to improve quality - while a USB DAC is going to recieve a bit perfect digital signal which bypasses windows sound drivers so its like having a CD player in your pocket ..... it works way better than my Fiio E5 headphone amplifier Thanks for the advice, found one for roughly 200 euros which is quite a lot of money for such a small thing, but I guess in the end it will be worth it. I've also found something similar ~ 30 euros cheaper, not sure if it's DSD though (but will it make any difference?), it's the Audioengine D1 DAC: the uDSD does not need to be imported - its available here locally from Joel Kopping if you are in Gauteng and from Joachim Spelling if you are in the Cape ..... it costs R2800 (retail) and will obviously have warranties etc since it is locally available ..... the first 10 buyers over at AV forums got it for an "Early Bird" special offer of R2000 but that offer is obviously over ..... the deal was to provide a review of the unit to get it at that lowered price (they did not ask that the review be positive but most up to now have been) i have read a bit about the audioengine DAC and it seems pretty decent for what it is ..... though to be honest if i did not get the uDSD i would have been more interested in the Ifi iDSD nano which is a direct competitor DSD is a rare thing at the moment, but high res is now fast becoming more available so eventually you will get more DSD available. DSD (Direct stream digital) is more-or-less what SACD is comprised of, and its generally huge files that are sometimes higher fidelity but they will obviously cost more than normal res files but high res is generally anything higher than 16bit/44.1khz. Whether you need DSD or not will depend on your future plans but im of the opinion that you should rather have it and not need it for now instead of reaching a point in the future where you need it but dont have it because you purchased a lower cost unit the D1 has another compelling advantage in that it offers an optical input as well so it can be used for non USB components but the uDSD can also do stuff that the D1 wont ie it can take the USB input with DSD content and then pass this through via coaxial SP/DIF to any other DAC if DSD is important to you ..... so it all depends on what digital files you have now, and are likely to have in the future - right now i have mostly uncompressed FLAC but im sure as DSD gets more popular i will eventually begin to get more of those files ..... though right now DSD availability is mostly classical music (if im not mistaken you are a classical fan so you can get a fair amount of classical music in extremely high res) i have compared 24/192 to DSD 128 (5.6MHZ) using Foobar 2000 and basically the 24/192 FLAC is a fuller sound but its not as clean or detailed as its DSD 128 equivalent but its actually a minor difference and most peope are going to happy with 24/192 FLAC but you will always have it at the back of your mind that a marginally better filetype exists and you will always be wondering if that marginal difference is audible to your own ears remembering that an uncompressed 16/44.1 FLAC file has a bitrate of 1412 kb/s here is a 24/192 FLAC file playing at a bitrate of 5111 kb/s same track in a DSD128 version playing at 11290 kb/s (the now playing section shows 1129 but its missing the fifth digit ... you need to look at the tag info section on the left to see it is indeed a bitrate of 11290 kb/s) so while DSD is not really the most important thing right now it may become more relevant in the future if you want music with higher fidelity especially with a PC based source .... as i stated above i can use my uDSD as a mobile amplifier type of unit with my tablet or as a fixed DAC with my PC (microserver) unit onto the main hi-fi as a very high res source and it plays digital audio as well as any decent CD player can .... so decently, in fact, that i dont have a CD player anymore
  13. Latest Spend Thread

    NuPrime uDSD heres mine connected to a tablet and headphones and then connected to my microserver via USB and then to the hi-fi amplifier/AVR via RCA interconnects its a far better solution than just a headphone amp which will only make the analog output louder but which cannot really do much to improve quality - while a USB DAC is going to recieve a bit perfect digital signal which bypasses windows sound drivers so its like having a CD player in your pocket ..... it works way better than my Fiio E5 headphone amplifier
  14. 2TB SSD for "Home PC's"

    a 256 gig SSD for operating system is more than enough for most people - after that you can have multiple large conventional drives for storage ..... you dont really need the speed for storage given that you will do more reading than writing on those storage drives ..... so the performance is only needed for your operating system drive IMHO
  15. Game of Thrones