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  1. Hello ... again.

    I pop in occasionally
  2. FS: 4 x 1TB SAS HDD

    Item being sold: 4 x 1TB 3.5" Seagate SAS HDD's Location: JHB Who will handle shipping costs: Buyer Selling price: R1,500.00 Each Reason for selling: Incorrectly purchased for client How old is the product: New, 3 x Sealed, 1 x Bag opened. Yeah, not much else to say.... Drop me a PM
  3. Password Managers

    Lastpass. And here's why: https://www.grc.com/sn/past/2010.htm
  4. How bad is it in SA?

    Just stay the hell away from Prelec. Pieter Pretorius (Prelec) is a thief.
  5. Att: Apple Users

    Might not be 100% what you are looking for, but still worth a look: http://www.iparent.co.za
  6. Funny Pictures

    Hence the capitalisation of the word TRY.... *shrug* use it, don't use it.
  7. Funny Pictures

  8. Funny Pictures

    And of course the Android users all ALL geniuses, right? That's why they use the devices that leak all their personal info, right? That's why they use the devices that are targeted by 90+% of mobile malware, right? So, not to start a flame war or anything.. feel free to delete this post.... but the simple, sad fact of it is this: People are stupid. Period. They trust their devices, and the companies that supply them. Whether it's an Apple device, a Blackberry, an Android based device, it don't matter. People are not prepared, or even aware of the risks that they face on a daily basis when using their devices. The fact that Samsung, and a few other companies take advantage of that is just... sad. At least Apple has the common decency to TRY to protect the privacy of their users..
  9. First Look At The New Apple Watch

  10. Telkom and MWeb

    Telkom's infrastructure is falling apart. I have had the exact same issues as all of you, but in every case I have had Telkom sort it out. Either with a techie visiting my house, or with them messing with something at the exchange or DSLAM. This morning one of the guys actually told me that the reason I am having issues is because the Exchange is busy falling apart because Telkom isn't spending money to maintain it.... Fork, I wish I could get an uncapped wireless link....
  11. Email SMTP's en Mobile Networks

    A VPN could work, assuming the VPN endpoint allows you to use SMTP on port 25. Overkill in my opinion... YMMV of course..
  12. Email SMTP's en Mobile Networks

    The simple answer is this: if you use port 25, you are going to struggle with outgoing mail. MTN is generally less fussy, but most networks/ISP's will give you cr@p. If you can manage it, by hook or by crook, to send email out on port 465(SSL encrypted) or 587(sometimes offering TLS/STARTTLS) you have a much better chance of success. Keep in mind that if you use alternate ports, you normally need to be authenticated. <shameless punt> I also offer some services that may help you get over this hurdle. Drop me a PM... </shameless punt>
  13. Cat saves child from dog attack

    IMHO that kid's bike was too small for him. I blame that for all of the stupidity in the video
  14. Funny Pictures

    So, what's with the blank posts Presler?
  15. Kicking the habit

    Well done irah_blu My last smoke was on 7 October 2011 so that's erm almost 2.5 years already. Wow. http://www.smokenders.co.za/ did it for me.