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  1. What song are you listening to at the moment?

    Listened to Pop Goes The World from Men Without Hats, then remembered this Then through Autoplay on youtube this came up. Love the beats, sure sounds much beter than the original, but the chick at 1:00 with the pink socks waiving her foot in the air freaks me the fuck out
  2. What song are you listening to at the moment?

    Nice Song, but more so impressive the vid.
  3. Game of Thrones

    Wiow, so much epicness in a few minutes, I have no idea how they gonna cram that all into 7 episodes
  4. Online shopping sites in SA?

    Yeah, truth to that rumor. I've ordered some things 3 weeks ago, said "Ship in 3 t 5 working days", still haven't arrived from their supplier even yet. Luckily it's not Christmas stuffs.
  5. Online shopping sites in SA?

    Hello Awesome dude with long hair. , and congrats on the new baby on the way. I love the pic you made to tell everyone. Well then. Clicks has their own now Clicks For all the soapy/smelly stuffs. And other than Takealot, Loot comes to mind. Service is great, good deals, they're about everyone's second in line if Takealot can't provide. We don't really have much other choices that I know off, perhaps some other members has other options for you to look at.
  6. Funny Videos (Part 2)

    "You are so old, your publicist is a registered nurse"
  7. The Grand Tour

    Episode 3 is the benchmark, it's damn brilliant. I had more laughs and appreciation for than the SA episode.
  8. What song are you listening to at the moment?

    Think you talking about one of my local favorites. Goldfish - Washing over me
  9. The Grand Tour

    Yeah, same feels. Need a proper track and my suggestion would be a british driver. Im pretty sure they cannot copy the whole Stig idea due to politics but a british driver would fit the program better. Their poking at Zuma and SA was hilarious. Captain Slow during the spinning, "You may get back in the car now, Please!"
  10. It's only one of three unlocked CPU's in the entire socket range. From the benchmarks the 7350k will score better than my 4670k and at the release price will probably be half the price of it's quad core i5 sibling. So for any budget build with that type of performance it will give builders a chance to spend money on a good motherboard or GPU and still be able to produce neat figures and throw just about any game at it with acceptable settings. It's that poor mans performer that most guys want that can't afford mid to high range CPU's because of price.
  11. Unlocked i3 K processor, nice for budget clockers and gamers. Budget Sauce
  12. AMD Radeon RX 480

    Yeah HIS is not that bad, in fact their Ice Q range is good contenders to the big names.. We have lower crap here, reference cards with worse coolers. Just thinking of the two brands Matrix had/still have here, Ninja VGA and Forsa. There was another brand with an orange sticker too, people bought cards like GTX750 and got cards that behaves like GT450's. HIS and several other guys actually create their own PCB, not just a reference card with a nice looking cooler. For that matter one would understand that some work has gone into the card, which as in my case with the Powercolor cards prove much better than reference cards.
  13. AMD Radeon RX 480

    ^^This. I have no love for Nvidia, but that's just a personal thing. If they willing to spend that on a PC they can go with the 1060. What I do know is the AMD cards, especially the Powercolor and HIS cards run much quieter than the Nvidia competitors plus uses less power. Performance per watt the 480 trumps everything.
  14. AMD Radeon RX 480

    Right, got all my kit together, built it last week one night. Dropped both cards in, Set up Windows 10 Pro, installed October drivers and let her rip. Got 16990 points on 3D mark 11. ran Firestrike and it disabled 1 card halfway through the test. Instead of just upping to the latest driver, I wiped the OS drive and started fresh. New install, got the latest hotfix drivers from AMD and set it up. Ran 3Dmark11 and scored 17079 points. Compared to a friend of mine who runs 6800k/X99/Nvidia GTX 1080 and scores 18500, My feel is my 4670k/Z97/RX480CF setup is trailing by very little including the fact that my cards cost More than R2k less than a 1080. I have to note as well, these cards are extremely quiet. Tri-fan per card has similar cooling features than Gigabyte Windforce cards and at load you don't even hear them. Seems the RX480 cards live up to their hype after all.