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  1. Two factor authentication

    Cool to see this still being updated, thanks aCe !

    What happened? It went quiet? Oh, hows your Vive - loving it?
  3. Online shopping sites in SA?

    So sad to hear that. It means Kalahari tendencies won over, instead of Takealot. I spent so much money through Takealot whilst still in SA...
  4. PS VR

    The problem is the controllers talk to the headset, not the PC, so neither touch nor Vive controllers work without their specific headset. I think we will see Gen 2 headsets by around mid 2019 at the soonest. Vive is definitely following an iterative approach though - new orders now have the new 3-in-1 cable that is thinner and less prone to tangling. They will also have the new headstrap in the next 6 months. And then, Wireless - something I think will be an amazing jump for VR and where it goes. This is still all really expensive though. First gen VR isn't going to drop in price soon - I suspect with Gen2 you will have 2 models to choose from though - one at spec level of Gen 1 for lower price and Gen2 with better / newer features at the price of Gen 1 launch roughly. I will be doing my best to get the Wireless kit later this year, still undecided on the new headstrap though - Vive isn't uncomfortable for me and I don't care for the built-in audio - I want to keep using my own cans and they might be an issue with the new strap. That being said, adding wireless is also a potential issue for using my own headset, so might end up getting both. I have spent way too much money on VR, but at the same time, this is really revolutionary. I have seen so many non gamers love this. So many older people that don't like the idea of gaming that now can't stop talking about VR after trying it on. I am enjoying gaming (and even just listening to music playing audioshield or sound boxing). again. I am getting exercise as well whilst playing. Lots of social interactions more than in normal gaming - I play Table Tennis with my brother, yet we live 600+km apart. We have a laugh as we play some golf or throw a frisbee around.
  5. PS VR

    There were quite good reviews by tested on youtube with every VR hmd release. Whilst not directly comparing one to the other in a single video, they do compare and give their opinions on which feels better every time. Saturation and such can not be adjusted, but I have not once had a problem with over saturation. The two big downsides of the Vive vs the Rift (HMD Only) if they are compared is the more comfortable strap system on the Rift (Which Vive will be getting as an accessory soon) and the bigger sweetspot on the lenses (Which does however cause much worse god rays in the Rift than the Vive has). The Vive fits more peoples head sizes and is easier to wear with glasses for more people (Mine fit in both headsets fine luckily). Oculus burned us a couple of times with their promises - $300 ballpark headset, Open culture in terms of game store exclusivity, promised items delivered (2nd headset protector foam) and some other things that just went away. I loved them for the DK1 and DK2, but couldn't get myself to pay them the money for a CV1 (although I was really tempted), until I tried the Vive. I was instantly convinced and still would only buy the Rift now (If I had to do it over again) if the Vive didn't exist on the market at all. We have a PSVR and Rift demo in the IT shop (saturn) near my work, but while I have done the Rift demo twice (once with touch) there, I have NEVER seen any rep there to demo the PSVR and as such have not had the opportunity to try it out at all. Really want to play with it, but so many discussions on reddit and by youtubers that compared it and said it doens't match up. Fast movement and even the slightest occlusion breaks tracking and thus immersion.
  6. PS VR

    I wouldn't go for PSVR. It is the 'most affordable', but if you have a PC capable of playing VR, that is most of the cost gone. The tracking on the PSVR is questionable at best, especially with the move controllers. They occlude like nothing and they are suboptimal to start with. Many big reviewers that had the most hope on PSVR were really dissapointed after longer stints with it. There will be cheaper methods to get the Rift or Vive to SA coming - Trust me on that one. Heck, if you wait till 2nd half this year, I can bring one in for you in a suitcase on our next trip back to SA and won't charge you shipping costs if I can make it fit. The rift with touch is best when it comes to comfort. Vive is superior on tracking (I own a Vive, my brother a Rift). To get roomscale with the Rift (3rd camera, extension cables) will cost you slightly more than the Vive, but the difference is negligible. Vive and Rift > PSVR by quite the big margin. Tracking is more than double as accurate and quality is better too. Controllers are incomparable.
  7. Impressive benchmark performance for such a 'little guy'
  8. Star Citizen

    Whilst they might deliver on 'all' promised items (some time around 2019/2020?), how well will it work though. The fps module demo I saw looked good, but the playstyle didn't look particularly amazing / fun. a thousand mediocre gameplay mechanics all patched together into one seamless non loading screen game might be an amazing accomplishment, but does not equate to an amazing time playing. I would rather have a loading screen between areas and have it play amazingly well and be thoroughly enjoyable. Maybe they surprise us, but there is already so much controversy behind RSI and a lot of what they have done. Their use of money, timelines, management style and many other things have been criticised at different points in time and whilst not all my be true, where there is so much smoke there usually is some fire.
  9. Subnautica

    I have and will never buy any BF for the Single Player campaign. It is still fun, just short. However, even when I was still in SA I played BF3 and 4 exclusively on EU servers and can honestly say it was never a problem for me. BF3/4 more so than other games, as it uses client-side hit detection, so the guy rubber banding behind the container is not so much due to lag as it was initially bad tick rates. I see many ZA players online in the servers I join. I also prefer the DICE official servers. Private 'rented' servers are coming, but are expensive.
  10. Subnautica

    Yay and Damn, all in one. More money spending on the way (Too much already, especially with BF1. So happy I don't want Mafia 3 as badly any more). Now to find the time to Vive again!
  11. Wanted:Crysis 3 for PC

    Probably he can't do online payments, wants to buy cash?
  12. What smartphone would you go for right now?

    Benefit of 1st world is that most stores I can finance anything for up to 33 months payback with 0% interest and 0% fees. Want a new phone, camera, drone, pc, tv? All cost the exact same amount over 33 months as paid cash. Even if there was a fee, interest rates are so low it would be pointless. For a saving of 1k I would also still take a contract instead of paying up front, but the 'standard' non negotiated packages none really offer that benefit. Example - last year December I got my wife a Samsung S6 to replace her broken old phone. I got 100 euro off the cash price plus another Samsung phone included for free that I sold for another 100 Euro. 200 euro off the S6 was a nice discount, and that was cash price, not contract
  13. What smartphone would you go for right now?

    Devices here aren't really subsidised at all on contract, so unwanted upgrades don't really exist - you pay less for a contract without device. To get the Note7 I need to spend easily 50 euro+ per month on a 2 year contract with minimal included data/airtime, so I pay for the phone and data in total. Second hand market I have not investigated - but we have ebay, so it will be big. I don't trust that much though to be honest.
  14. What smartphone would you go for right now?

    Just cheaper than the Note7 as that should be their premium device and the s8 up to 100€ cheaper is all I hope for. The R/* anything doesn't bother me anymore - I earn in €, so that is all good