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  1. Software Development Tools?

    To be honest, it sounds like you're in a bit over your head. Ditch the idea of dreamweaver. C++ ... yeah, stay away from that one as well. It has it's place, but not for what you want to do. JavaScript is quite different from your OO languages like Java and C#, but is something which you will learn to at least passably use for web dev. If you want to go the web route, there are so many options. I think the simplest, all in one thing you can do is probably MS MVC. Last time I looked into it, it had a pretty decent tutorial to build an end to end app. Other options will typically focus on one area, for example Angular (a JS library) and it's tutorials are purely focused on the client side, but you can use it in conjunction with technologies like MVC. There are so many alternatives to Angular, and the list ( and rankings) changes regularly. Look into bootstrap as well to get a pretty decent UI done relatively easily: http://getbootstrap.com/
  2. PS VR

    Audio shield is the game I played at Rage. It was surprisingly fun. I'm with you on the whole gaming to keep contact thing. The Division is how I keep regular contact with my friends who emigrated.
  3. PS VR

    Thanks for the feedback. I have since read some more reviews, and specifically this one agrees with you wrt tracking: http://venturebeat.com/2016/10/13/psvr-review/2/ This one lists some of the strong suits: http://venturebeat.com/2016/10/13/psvr-review/2/ I wasn't going to buy the PSVR soon anyway, but now I know not to get it unless someone can make it work with other controllers on the PC. In all likelihood I will wait until a gen two, unless they can get the PSVR to work with other controllers on the PC.
  4. PS VR

    Even if I already have the PC and the PS4, the cost is still about double. I did spend some time with the vive at rage, but was disappointed with the display. It was over saturated. What you could clearly see as spheres on the monitor, looked like 2D circles on the Vive. Can saturation etc be adjusted? Controllers worked well though. I didn't have the opportunity to play with the PSVR, but did put the headset on for 10 seconds or so. More jaggies, but otherwise OK. From reviews, the PSVR seems the most comfortable due to better weight distribution. I did read about tracking issues on the PSVR, but because no-one really compares it to the others, it's difficult to get a clear understanding of how much worse it is. I doubt I would get a first gen VR, but if I do, it will have to be below R10k for everything. Even that is a bitter pill to swallow for me. I had high hopes for a R6k OR when they were first announced.
  5. PS VR

    With the local prices revealed for the Vive (R20K) and the OR (R15k without controllers), I decided that I will not get a first gen VR headset. But, then I found out that there is already a third party app that allows you to use the PS VR on the PC; Trinus PSVR It has some limitation at the moment, like the head tracking not working all that well yet. I've read in another article that it was limited to 60Hz. Maybe that has been fixed already? Since I have a PS4 as well, but definitely want my PC as my "main" VR device, this seems like it could work out well. The PSVR, with PS eye and controllers will work out around R9k. Now, if only I can find a proper comparison between all 3 on PC...
  6. Doom 4

    I also got this recently, and it's a great amount of fun, and bloody fast. Framerate and movement wise. It's damn fast on my R9 290. I think I'm on the 4th level or so, and my framerates stay in the 110s on the ultra preset. I obviously don't really have time to look at the counter during fire fights. I am also going through each level looking for all the secrets, minifigs and upgrades. Something I don't bother with in most games recently.
  7. Tom Clancy's The Division

    This was on sale during the weekend, and should be until 7pm tonight. Got the gold ed, which includes the season pass for R600. Usually R1k, and if you buy it separately without the discount it would be R1200.
  8. What smartphone would you go for right now?

    R7k? How? Where? I got an S7 Edge from orange a couple of weeks ago, and also pretty happy with it so far. My previous phone was a windows phone, but it was annoying to not be able to get many of the apps I like. I'm glad the S7 also has wireless charging. As you say it is very convenient when you want to charge your phone, but not leave it unattended at your desk every time you need to go somewhere. I wanted to go iOS this iteration, but the price difference is just too large for a phone that isn't actually better than the S7. There's also at least one app I like without an iOS counterpart. On the iPhone 7... It's an iphone with slightly more features than the 6S. If you liked previous iPhone models more than their android counterparts, this will probably be no different.
  9. Help me identify this spider

    I don't think it's a brown widdow. I have a couple of the brown widows around the house, this one was more yellow-ish white in colour. Unless you get the lighter species as well? The part that just really freaks me out is that I found it between my clothes. I really don't want to put on a shirt with a spider in it. The closest I've found so far is the spitting spider: PS. I miss Apoc
  10. Help me identify this spider

    As I was taking a shirt from my closet, I head something fall to the floor, and then saw this thing strolling away. It only appears a bit shiny because of all the Doom. What is it. Will there be more? Do I burn down the house and move?
  11. Dishonored

    I finally started playing this over the weekend. Much better than I expected! I'm really enjoying it so far.
  12. AMD Radeon RX 480

    Every now and then I think about making the jump to 1440p, especially as I have an itch to upgrade my old LCD monitors (well, one of them) to something a little nicer. But like you said, then I would have to fork out for a 1070 and a nice 27" 1440p screen. And I just can't justify dipping that deep into my savings for such a relatively small increase in gaming enjoyment. It will have to wait for "free" money, like a bonus or something, to at least cover one of the two.
  13. AMD Radeon RX 480

    Wootware had the 8gb version for something like R4800. I bought my R9 290 for R5 500 back when it was first released. The Rx 480 doesn't sound that cheap, until you realise that the Rand got properly screwed since then, and at the current exchange rate that R5 500 is more like R8 500.
  14. What smartphone would you go for right now?

    I've seen that for android phones. Apple seems to be a different beast.
  15. HTC Vive / SteamVR

    Are you playing anything from the Rift store? I read on Reddit that Occulus are now baking hardware DRM into their games... the assholes.