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  1. Dota 2 - 6.84 Update

    People tell me I will love this long time. I played original Dota but wasn't all that good. really enjoyed playing it with my mates on LAN thoough.. Will this really rock my world?
  2. Latest Spend Thread

    My First Financial year was a good one
  3. Latest Spend Thread

    I went a Little Crazy.. LG 55"UHD 3D TV Hisense 40" LED TV cheapie Sony PS4 and 6 games EvolveGrand theft Auto VLittle Big Planet 3Dragon Age 3Tomb RaiderSpare basic Mac for the office: Samsung 40"LED TV for the office Mobile stand for office screen Apple TV for Office TV Dart board for office Boardroom table thats also a pool table for the office If any of you guys need networking skills. Give us a call... so we can pay for all of this
  4. Funny Pictures

    Flash drive and USB port would make more sense.. At least those are compatible
  5. SS FML

    Bought 55"UHD TV Saturday 14th to replace my ageing Sony Bravia 40". Was very excited. On Friday I was burgled while sleeping and they got the new TV the old TV and a bunch of other things totalling around R100k. FML
  6. Hi, I'm Presler and I'm an addict

    Smoking, Alcohol, Cars, Women In that order..
  7. Low-Fat, Low-Fat Sh!t Everywhere!

    I hate your face.. I mean body.. I mean metabolism... 2 meals of the day I eat only organic foods. Leaving me to enjoy ridiculous processed garbage for the 3rd meal. Most snacks are organic too.. It's amazing how much more energy I have!
  8. When sitting down is too much

    Thanks c0d3r I'm also rather proud of my taste in shoes..
  9. When sitting down is too much

    Revival! So my office is growing and some days now that I do less tech and more run a company I sit on my fat ass for an entire day. Time to do something about it.. Standing desks are expensive but turning your current desk into a standing desk is much more cost effective: http://www.uncagedergonomics.com/ $129.00 - Yes please!
  10. I just jizzed in my pants a little.. It may be a Teaser but visually that looks spot on!
  11. Proper DNS Services

    A fellow fortigate lover....
  12. Latest Spend Thread

    If we are talking phones - I just got this.. I love the fact that its for stupid people(suits me perfectly!) but the size is really taking an adjustment. +1 for battery life though, on weekends it lasts 2 days with minimal use.. and I get a solid day of business use out of it which usually involves about 40 calls, constant internet use, lots of mail, constant whatsapp, imessage, skype, at least one trip using google maps, 2 hours of music and average use of other applications. When I put it on charge in the evening its usually on about 25% battery Apple don't advertise fast charging but it charges really fast.. about 40% in 30 minutes. Having a phone that last my average day is like the holy grail!!
  13. Proper DNS Services

    Howdy, I don't think DNS is the best solution to block unwanted traffic - What you are looking for is more a UTM firewall? IT can block by application/port, runs antivirus at the edge and has a comprehensive webfiltering solution. It also adds value in a multitude of other ways You can pick ip a FW like this for about R6k PM me for more details.
  14. I iz not inta that Jibber Jabber anymore.. And my brain is fried.. stick a fork in me people I am way too busy to participate properly. I lurk fairly often though.. The funny pics thread still puts a smile on my face.
  15. Wow! That is very awesome! I would love to build something like that for my receptionist(we call her eye candy.. Cos her name is Candice and she has eyes.. true story) I just don't have the skill/time for such a project.. Welcome...