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  1. Latest Spend Thread

    Threw this into my macbook pro - the difference is overwhelming !
  2. So Hellkom has really been screwing me over ever since I moved to Centurion. My ADSL line seems to fall over every month and takes telkom 3 weeks at a time to fix it. Almost on schedule, the line has been completely dead since Wednesday and I need to find a better solution to this problem while they take another 3 weeks to investigate. I've been looking at the Smart Uncapped Wireless plans that seem to start at about R599 on a 24 month contract. It appears to be truly uncapped for general browsing / streaming and a soft cap of 50GB is only issued on P2P traffic, from what I understand is for apps like BitTorrent etc, which I don't use at all. The website has 3 different plans, but this pricing has recently been removed and I can't seem to tell what the differences are between all 3 plans. Does anyone here use this package from Telkom and if so, would you recommend it ?
  3. My First Mac

    Coming from a windows environment, this has helped alot - especially when using a third pary keyboard: https://pqrs.org/osx/karabiner/ There's a nice little section for PC users that really makes a difference - especially Home/End keys:
  4. Who's still visiting SystemShock?

    I still visit once or twice a week
  5. Yeah... a lot of us grew up and had a change in priorities. Sad but true
  6. Started browsing again myself recently. Nice to still see some familiar faces !
  7. Ubuntu 12.04 / Wubi Issues

    So I got a copy of the latest release of ubuntu (12.04 LTS), but the "Install inside windows option is no longer available". UPDATE: I got some feedback here but using the --force-wubi option still gives me the same error. I need to create a partition that I can use to install ubuntu on. My question is, what is the best and safest way to do this ? Is the windows 7 disk manager a tool I can use ?
  8. So we get to see the next galaxy tonight There's way too many rumoured specs and images out there for me to believe anything. Some of the rumours I have seen : Processor : quad core ranging from 1.4GHz to 2.0GHz RAM : 1GB to 2GB Screen size: 4.6" to 4.8" Camera: 8MP to 16MP On the other hand, many believe that we'll see an improved Galaxy S2 - much like apple and the iPhone 4 and 4S. Some might even suggest that we could see the return of Windows mobile on a Samsung device. I personally would like to see an S3 launch with ICS and maybe another device running WM7 What do you expect to see tonight ?
  9. MTN 3G - Fed Up!

    I recently took out a 3G contract with 8ta. During the signup process, they checked if there was 3G coverage in my area (using my residential address). If you don't have coverage, they won't let you take the contract, period. Did MTN do the same ? I would also suggest trying another modem (just to be sure). If that doesn't work, your best shot would be to take it up with the store manager. If they promise you coverage in an area and don't deliver, it's not your fault. Best of luck
  10. Dodgy forum redirects?

    Had me worried for a second there
  11. Do you wear a watch?

    That's pretty! haha, thanks man. I miss my old one though (one of those things 90's kids would remember)
  12. Do you wear a watch?

    Casio Edifice EF-500 Not something I use on a daily basis, usually just for events like weddings
  13. ICS for Galaxy SII is out!

    Awesome, everything went well. I opted for a clean install and at first did not notice much of a difference, but it does seem a LOT quicker than GB. Love the new task manager and face unlock, still to see what else is new
  14. ICS for Galaxy SII is out!

    Thanks again Pyro, downloading the firmware now. Since I am a complete noob at this, please let me know if I am missing anything at all: Download firmware Start Odin Enable USB debugging on device Turn off phone and enter download mode by pressing the volume down, home and power buttons together Connect phone to PC once in download mode Check the PDA box, and add the I9100XXLPQ_I9100OXALPQ_I9100XXLPQ_HOME.tar.md5 file Click Start Once you see the Pass! notification, the phone will reboot. When you see the 'S' icon, boot phone into recovery mode. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset Next select the Wipe Cache Partition. Lastly select Reboot System Now to reboot your Galaxy S2 in Normal mode. Check your firmware version. Ice cream sauce Just a few more questions: Are steps 9, 10 and 11 necessary ? If they are, will I lose some settings like WAP, MMS etc ?