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  1. massaging chair

    ja could you probably loved suppositories...
  2. massaging chair

    wouldn't he be the only one who knows exactly how sensitive you are...
  3. massaging chair

    No experience no. Maybe try sleeping over in a jail cell...they will help you. Would you like directions? Never been myself, but had a gay flat-mate once that mentioned a few spots he thought decent. And how do you feel about that? Did he ever touch you in those spots he mentioned? Tell me what do you see in this picture?
  4. Julius Malema

    I can't get over Julius. I found this one on a facebook site dedicated to Julius.
  5. massaging chair

    A gay club?
  6. Hard Drive Recovery

    ^^ +1. lol I tried this with two 160 GB 7200.9 Seagate drives. First the PCB swap, then the reading heads, then the platters. Turned out I messed up both drives but it was more of an experiment for me! The reading heads are almost impossible to not break if the platter has double sided heads. From a hardware point the only thing I would try is to swap the PCB from an identical drive. Otherwise give it back to the supplier for a firmware flash if it is 7200.11... maybe try this (Seagate Diagnostics)
  7. IPhone 3G&3GS overheating.

    So I would like to shift attention to this article then and ask, with these profit margins, why is there not a immediate fix being issued to these peeps like RMA or something?Apple makes $400 profit per Iphone
  8. Peeing in the shower: Logical or Gross

    Well said. Well that is if she doesn't have her period. Otherwise it will look like you slaughtered a cow in your showa!!!! :/
  9. Fiber Optic Wires...

  10. Robotics

    Awesome I will be watching this space!
  11. New law for prepaid users

    so what does a squatter need a cellphone for - if he cant afford food - where did he get the money for his airtime ...... your thinking (or rather lack of it) is fatally flawed china - have you seen how many rdp houses have satelite dishes??? the only thing they pay for is DSTV (or maybe they rigged that). ofcourse they all have cellphones. you been hiding in a box the last 10years or what?? ^ +1. Squatters do not understand Maslow's Pyramid. btw I would say in a rdp house reactor_sa...
  12. Real Dragon Fossils on Display in China

    and here kids we have an example of an oxymoron.
  13. this is the way to go! Though I think that hardware encrpytion will hopefully become more mainstream in the future!
  14. Tasmania: Crop Circles solved

    Hey it's sheep. Good for wool and eating, so quantity would do TYVM Unless they're not using the sheep for wool or eating. Or for some company in the lonely outbacks Hey we call mowing the lawn job creation!

    Yo peeps I am looking for the following. - Anything PRE Socket 478 or AMD 462 please PM me with as i am very interested. - 2 x Socket 939 AMD CPUs (Preferably dual core) - 2 x Socket 1366 (LOL!!!) - 2 x Socket 775 (T) Location: Somerset West, Cape Town Price: Up to R50 for a Dual core CPU/Older cpu Reason: I am making a collage of CPUs and RAM for a friend who has been around since the time of the Intel 80xx series (just after the dinosaurs) who is an avid fan of CPU microarchitecture. Each CPU/socket represents a vast step in technology and is symbolic of the era it is from. Only people who experienced that milestone can appreciate these "ancient" components. Thanks for your time and bandwidth.