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  1. Don't i know it, but at least have to prove i've given it a go or did the research and can say i'm not up to the task. Yea dreamweaver was just a mention of what i worked with way back when i did a few websites for people through the company i worked for then, and then i only did the back end someone else did the css and looks. I spoke to a acquaintance about this and the conversation pretty much went Me: Explains idea Acquaintance: and you said it's been how long since you worked with dev tools Me: 6Years plus at least Acquaintance:Dude ask someone else to do it cause time it will take you to learn tools, code apps, fix bugs, etc will cost you more than just paying someone that can do it for you and do it right the 1st time. instead of you doing it and then having someone redo / fix it if you can't do / fix it. Cost would be around R70k-R90k if he did it Me: Yes but i at least have to try. Acquaintance: Ok then i would say if you want a app code in C# in VS and use something like Cordova and or Phonegap to convert to other platforms. But you will need web-api's etc. Or recommended option was create a website and then use something like Twitter bootstrap to make it work on any screen size and Cordova (iirc) to wrap it that it looks like a app or it could be Angular. So i reported my findings to the boss and he said yea i figured it would cost around that. I'll get back to you... Still haven't heard a thing. So i will see...
  2. More Holey Crap than Funny...
  3. Thanx for the reply i'll look into Xamarin. I'm leaning more and more towards making "the app" web based and just wrapping it on the mobile devices. Question then comes in what is the web languages lately? I still worked with Dreamweaver, PHP (very little). I found Qt Open Source also looks like a very strong tool only catch is c++ is the main coding language and i haven't done c++ since 2003(ish) so going to be a very steep learning curve. I've called in assistance from a wayward family member that does this stuff daily so i'll give feedback on what his view is on this, but it's going to be more a matter of put me on the road and say drive that way instead of point me in the direction of the road and tell me to figure out witch way to go when i get there...
  4. Source
  5. I know what you mean FB is really starting to grind my gears with all the adds and "recommended" feeds it's popping up and in the mean time it's not even giving me all the feeds i currently have. So no idea how much less i'll see if i add more. Not having inet at home is making searching for and post new content a bit of a pain.
  6. So it's been more than a while since i looked into or was requested to do software development someone. So we have a client that has requested us to code a application and a mobile app for the business idea he has. I to be frank i have no idea where or with what to start this lately but was told do the research so here i am doing part of it. So i haven't dug around to much to be honest as a friend pointed me at Visual Studios. They have a Community edition that is free and our small company qualifies for the use of the Community edition. From what i could see reading up on this it seems that VS allows cross platform coding through Xamarin, JavaScript or C++ any body have any recommendations on choosing between those three? C++ i did ages ago and can't say i remember much about it? JavaScript i tried ones or twice but never really put effort into getting my head around it. .Net i kinda have the most experience with. The other side of the coin is i'm not 100% sure if i'm going to do 2 apps that connect to db hosted somewhere or if i'm just going to develop a webpage and code a wrapper for it on the mobile device and just have the client log in on a website on the PC's. Anybody maybe give me some view on the Pro's and Con's of both? I know this probably very vague but i need to start somewhere and i've been out of development for so long i barely know where to start.
  7. Tribute cover - Chris Martin passing Cleaning up some old hadd's came across some old music videos, i don't know how i keep forgetting about Offspring:
  8. Awesome the more tools the better the odds of decrypting... Thanx for the link TapaDroiding