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Found 4 results

  1. Source | AMD Press Release It's funny how SPORK was talking about "direct-to-metal" in his post over here and immediately after reading that I discover this new API developed by AMD. Exciting times ahead! Also of interest is AMD's new TrueAudio API: The rest of this article can be found here. After we read the news above a friend and I had a lengthy discussion about whether there will be any benefits from TrueAudio. My argument was that it could allow for more realistic processing of game and positional audio. However one thing we were uncertain about was whether a game like Battlefield uses a vast array of sound effects or if it uses a smaller collection of sounds and basically processes them to sound differently based on your distance from the source. The example we used was that of a jet; does the game engine process the sound so that someone on the ground hears a distant jet engine but the game is actually using the same sound file as if you were close to the source or do they actually have recordings for distant objects? If they do use advanced algorithms to modify the sound then I can see something like TrueAudio being beneficial especially since dedicated sounds do little to alleviate the load currently placed on the CPU to render audio.
  2. Source This so freaking awesome of all the features I missed having from an Nvidia card the ability to run different games with different settings was right at the top of the list, now that AMD drivers have this I couldn't be happier.