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The Hard Drive Health, Recovery, RAID and Partition Thread

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Hey all,

recently I have observed some users that are experiencing some trouble with their hard drives. So I thought why don't we start a HDD thread. The aim is to create hard drive awareness and for members to give their feedback/knowledge so that this list can be updated.

Some companies repair damaged HDDs (What I heard they charge R3000 to R4000 for recovery.Though I type under correction.)

Companies that provide recovery services:

www.ontrack.com (international company though does business worldwide

http://www.datadetect.co.za (Sandton, Gauteng)

Intratec (Nationwide)

http://www.imperative.co.za (Randburg, Gauteng)

CSSI in Cape Town and Johannesburg. (Incorporates www.mydata.co.za and www.ciphervault.co.za)

Ace Data email. [no known website, cell: 082 053 2269, Northern Suburbs CPT (provided by Juju)

Recovery Programs:

Seatools for SEAGATE HDDs ONLY


http://www.r-tt.com/ (have to pay :\ )



Free Undelete 2.0

With S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology - Wikipedia --> SMART) you can track the health and temperatures of your HDD. They also tell you if your HDD is about to die! I found that these are the best programs.

S.M.A.R.T. Programs:



Articles on understanding HDDs:

Understanding RAID

Anatomy of a HDD

How Hard Disks Work

Wikipedia - Data Recovery

Hard Drives (an indepth article)

Programs that erase important data:

Hard Drive Eraser

Darik's Boot and Nuke

Freeware Secure Erase Utility

Backup Utilities:

MBR Tools (backup MBR..durr!)

Partitions Utilities:

Partition Saving

Test Disk

Partition Recovery

the Partition Resizer

Partition Manager

EASEUS Partition Manager

C'mon guys start your contributions!

I found most of this information using the search functions on a few forums.

Over and out


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ok.. its pinned. nice collection Enzio :) Can we try and keep this first list up2date rather than have everyone troll thru the complete thread. Thats for just incase it gets too long with our exchanges...

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Just the thread I was looking for! Has anyone ever used any of these Data Recovery companies? A friend of mine asked me to take a look at this hard drive that is no longer detected in the BIOS even though it still powers on and spins. My expertise at data recovery stops at the hardware level and so I need to recommend they take the drive to one of the above companies as the photos they need to recover are apparently quite valuable. Now before I found this thread I also discovered Tecleo Data Recovery Lab who looks to be the most promising as they list recovery from drives with symptoms like the one this has on their site. Are these guys okay or is there a better company out there?

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