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HDD "Forgetting" and "Remembering" Data

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Right so one of my HDD's has started with this little routine of "forgetting" data one day the data will be available in the folder the next it would not be.


Initially i thought it was due to the fact that the HDD switches off and the amount of photo's in the folders are just to much for it to load fast enough when the HDD wakes up so leave it a bit and ta-da all the pictures are there again.


Lately however this isn't the case anymore i've switched off the HDD shutdown and for th most part it seems to have forgotten the files. I've kinda made peace with it i can get most back by asking family and friends. Last week i opened the folder more out of interest than anything else and ta-da all the files was back, two days later all was gone again.


I've tried the chkdsk /X /F /R it finds no bad sectors and no errors on the disk. I've tried normal data recovery programs files don't show as deleted.


I've done some reading and it seems more than a few people have come across this and as they describe it the files are in limbo not deleted but the file system don't see them. I tried one program that can show "Undeleted" files with no luck.


I have not copied new info onto the disk that i can remember since this started.


Anybody have any other ideas.

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14 hours ago, Monty13 said:

Have you tried using gparted to copy all the data off or maybe correct the formatting?



No i didn't, i didn't know GParted could do that. Always just used it for Linux partition resizing (those pre-setup firewall verions)


Thanx will give it a try this weekend, 1st need to get a new HDD

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