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Mail Server Software?

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So i need to find new mail server software for clients of ours.


The setup is we have a few clients where we have 15+ clients on one network sending a SH!Tload of internal mails hense we had a internal mail server that would just shunt the mails for the office on the LAN and all other mails was pushed out to the main mail servers to be sent into the world. This worked well till we had a run in where a few login details got "leaked" and we had a serious spam issue and couldn't find the culprit pc. Since we managed to stop that all mail relaying through the main server has been stopped no exceptions.


So we have a problem now Softtalk mail server that we where using only uses one email address to authenticate and then send out all the mails for the users, but with mail relay being blocked we can't do it that way anymore each user has to authenticate himself to send else your email address gets marked as a spoofed mail and blocked.


Does anybody know of a mail server that allows for sending to be done per user and not relaying messages with a single user authentication. The boss wants it on Windows 

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