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So last week I bit the bullet and went up to the new 10 series cards

I was origionally holding out for the 1060Ti, but decided in the long run I was more interested being 4K & VR ready than I was in just doing 1080 at max


I got the Galax GTX1080 EXOC


As you will probably be able to tell from the pics below my system is a bit old now, Z77 mobo and i7 377K CPU

I did my research before hand and there didn't seem to be any issues running a GTX1080 with this setup, plenty of keyboard warriors claiming CPU bottlenecks etc, but then enough practical demonstrations debunking this on YouTube


Amusingly I needed a BIOS update in order to get the CPU to POST with the GTX plugged in. My first thought tho was dead card so I actually took the card back to the supplier expecting an RMA. They put it into their test rig and it started up just fine, they even ran GPU-Z on it to rub salt in my wounds before handing the card back giving me the stink-eye until I was out the door (they are really good with RMA's but really bad at having their time wasted :D )


So far I have run FutureMarks FireStrike Ultra and scored 5070 points with no CPU or GPU OC

Fired up Skyrim with about 30 mods including all the hi-res texture packs (about 10GB worth) and I think one of my mods  capped the game at 60FPS as I was stuck there, but in 20 minutes of doing my damnedest to hurt this card I only observed one or two instances when it dropped down to 40 FPS


I haven't done anything more with the card as yet, besides about 20 hours of Civ VI this week, but I'll have a play with it in the coming weeks


My next move is a proper 4K screen, I'm thinking something insane like this Phillips 43" - perhaps for xmas


fEoY9y.jpg                  62WQ2n.jpg





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Stuck in the same boat man. Was in the market for a new screen recently and didn't buy one due to the fact that my rig is not capable of gaming at 4K (running a 970 on a 2600K @ 4.2 GHz).


I am also not 100% sure when I will upgrade as we don't know yet when Kaby Lake is launching and at what price (R / $ ownage).

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The only really exciting thing about Kaby Lake it is Optane and that might just go nowhere anyway

Intel's last few tock cycles haven't really delivered anything amazing, Kaby Lake looks like it will be the standard 5% performance boost thanks mainly to a few hundred extra MHz and higher turbo speed.

I think the best thing about it will be the drop in Skylake prices after it launches


Either way if you are looking to replace a 2600K with anything from this half of the decade you are building a new PC which is always exciting :D

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