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Network Monitor?

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So we have a odd problem at a client where the network to some PC just disconnects from time to time. Timing is random as far as we can see and inconsistent. We ran a stupid ping test and out of 15000 pings less than 0.01% didn't go through but the RDP connections dropped multiple times in that time.


We have replaced the wireless access point, the switch that access point connects to, the switch in the server room that switch connects to, tried different network card on server, tried putting wireless pc on cable the only thing we have not done is replace the main up-link between the two switches (but that is going to be a bitch to do so we would like that to be a last resort. We did put a cable tester on the cable and it tested fine.


Is there any tools, software, ideas you guys have as to how we can determine where the drops occur? Cause i'm fresh out of ideas. We have made sure the server is completely up to date with updates from MS, all drivers are updated.


We even brought the server to the office at one point and at our offices we didn't have any issues. After that we reset the network setting, did a ipstack reset, etc.Sometime after that the problem just stopped nobody complained about dropped connections anymore and all of a sudden this week it seems to be slowly starting again.


Al the PC's run avg and are scanned daily (company has a meeting for all employees daily and during that time we run a avg scan on all pc's, servers are scanned at night) all scan reports are clean.


Thanx for the TIme

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