SystemShock Rules

(Updated: 4 November 2007)

We welcome you to participate in the SystemShock Community, however as with all social circles there are a few rules you must abide by in order to maintain your active membership on the site.

We endeavour to provide the highest quality community experience for all of our members and following these guidelines is the best way to maintain a quality environment for all.

  1. SystemShock also enforces forum specific rules. These forum specific rules apply in conjunction with the below rules. By continuing to visit SystemShock you are also bound by our Terms & Conditions
  2. No Graphical Material of either gratuitous violence or a pornographic nature.
    Any posts or links to such content will be deleted and your account suspended or banned.
  3. No Warez (links) & Cracks.
    This includes linking to illegally obtained software, movies & music files.
  4. No Racism.
    This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in immediate account termination.
  5. No Flaming.
    Personal attacks such as flaming or baiting are not tolerated at SystemShock. We expect our long standing members to lead by example and assist newer members rather than attacking them. Members that reply to posts simply to instigate flame wars will be dealt with swiftly and decisively. We ask that all personal problems be handled privately via the PM (Personal Message) System.
  6. Posting Etiquette.
    If you want to discuss something that is drastically removed from the topic of a forum then please take it to Off Topic. Off Topic was created for members to discuss issues not related to a specific forum section. Use a title that describes the content of your post. Don't use all caps or special characters to draw attention.
  7. No Avatar, Signature & Custom Title Abuse.
    These are a luxury and abuse will result in them being removed and your account being restricted. Serious violations may result in account suspensions or termination.
  8. No spamming!
    Spamming is reserved for the Spam IT forum. Examples include: empty posts, posts with few words that have no relation to the current thread or discussion.
  9. SystemShock requires that members respect the decisions of moderators and admins.
    Threads and posts questioning the actions or decisions of forum moderations will be deleted on sight and the appropriate action taken (up to and including forum bans) against the thread starter and/or participants. However, as a member you reserve the right to PM any moderator or administrator regarding action taken at SystemShock.
  10. Report this post System Abuse:
    Do not abuse the report system, while we appreciate members reporting bad behavior, we don't appreciate rude comments or your opinion on how 'quick' staff are at handling problems.
  11. No Plagiarism
    Any content posted that is not your own must be accompanied by the source url. Claiming something is your own when in fact it isn't is both unethical and illegal.
  12. No Advertising
    This includes but is not limited to offering items for sale (other than in the Junk Pile), advertising of your services and/or websites. This includes advertising on the public forum as well as via the PM system.
    Permission may be obtained for advertising by contacting one of the admin staff. You may also wish to take out a Dealer Subscription or investigate one of our other Advertising Plans.
  13. No alternate accounts are allowed.
    Should you be disciplined with a restriction or ban, you are not allowed to open a new account to obtain freedom to post. Restrictions and bans are given for a reason and usurping that ability by re-registering is not tolerated. If another account is opened, that account will be deleted immediately, and the original account will be further penalised.
    Spoof accounts are also prohibited. If you already have a user account on SystemShock you may not create a new account for the purposes of posting anonymously.
  14. The Administrators and Moderators of SystemShock reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread and remove or change any avatar, username or signature. We also reserve the right to suspend or ban any member account we see fit.
  15. The Comments and Opinions posted are of their respective poster, and does not reflect the opinion of SystemShock, it's owner(s) and or its staff.
  16. SystemShock reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time and an Administrator's word is final.

Please Note: SystemShock operates on a 3 strike system. Any infraction of these guidelines will result in a warning placed against your SystemShock account and will be added to your overall warning level. Accounts will be suspended twice before being banned for the 3rd infraction. Serious offences may result in immediate bans and are at the discretion of the administrators.